Honey & Snacks

  • orino_honey2

    Thyme Honey « ORINO » 500 ml

    Renowned for its aroma and flavor, as well as its antioxidant properties.
    Thyme honey has a beautiful light amber color. It is a strong and intensely aromatic honey with resinous, herbal and savory flavor. It can be described as having a floral yet spicy taste. As said by the the Roman author, Pliny the Elder, “The honei with with commeth of thyme, is held to be the best and most profitable; in color like gold, in taste right pleasant…”

  • orino_honeyandnuts

    Honey « ORINO » with thyme and mixed nuts 375 ml

    Α unique combination of honey, almonds and walnuts. Great as a garnish for Greek yogurt, a taste of the Mediterranean with every bite. Also great as a comfort snack straight out of the bottle.

  • orino_honey1

    Honey « ORINO GOLD» from thyme, wildflowers & coniferous trees 1 kg

    An exceptional selective honey with intense aroma and golden crystal colour. 
Produced in small amounts especially in Crete because of the long sunhine 
periods and its special landscape. Gold is sourced from wild Cretan herbs, 
coniferous trees and thyme.

  • orino_honey1

    Honey « ORINO » from wildflowers & coniferous trees 1 kg

    This honey is special and aromatic. It is sourced exclusively from wild herbs and from coniferous trees of the Cretan mountains. A real pleasant tasting experience. Great with tea and other herbal drinks.