Bread Rusks & Cookies

  • “TSIKNAKIS” Almond Biscotti 400 gr

    Great tasting biscotti with a blend of almonds in every bite. This classic creation is rich and an excellent complement to a cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

  • “TSIKNAKIS” Barley Rusks 700 gr

    Airy and crunchy barley bread rusk. Great accompaniment to the traditional Greek salad and or greens such as boiled dandelions, rabe, swiss chard and many more. A true taste of the Mediterannean with every crunchy bite.

  • “TSIKNAKIS” Rye Rusks 700 gr

    Rye wholegrain bread rusks made with farmer’s sourdough, made of pure ingredients with no preservatives. Ideal for a healthy alternative to white bread. Made with the traditional “Tsikankis” family recipe.

  • “TSIKNAKIS” Wheat Rusks 700 gr

    Wheat bread rusk created with no preservatives. Great alongside olives, marinated vegetables and salads. Also a great compliment to cheese of any kind, the combination of the two creating an explosion in one’s mouth.