Food Service

  • TERRA FEREA Premium Greek Oregano 5 LB

    TERRA FEREA Premium Greek oregano,  is rubbed and dried as a whole, including the good quality leaves, flowers and seeds of “Origanum vurgare ssp hirtum” directly imported from Greece.   The moment you open the bag you can smell the true aromatic nature of oregano.  Great in salads, to season meats, poultry and fish.  An ideal product to have for your kitchen.


    Available format: 5 LB bags x 4 per case


  • CRETAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17L

    Cretan Extra-Virgin olive oil comes from the fertile valley of the Messara region in Southern Crete.  This Cretan olive oil has an earthy, spicy and pungent flavor.  Excellent quality olive oil.


    Available format: 17 L tins

  • CORINTHIAN Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 17L

    This Corinthian extra-virgin olive oil stems from the region of Olympia in the Peloponnese region.  This oil has a mild flavor and embodies great smooth, taste.  Impeccable quality olive oil.


    Available format: 17 L tins

  • Pepperoncini 7 kg

    This particular pepperoncini comes from the Peloponnese region.  Its vibrant color and crunchiness, along with its tangy taste compare to none.  Ideal for salads, as an appetizer in vegetable platters etc.


    Available format: 7 kg tins

  • FLORINA peppers stuffed with Cream Cheese 2L

    These fantastic Florina peppers are stuffed with cream cheese.  Nice tangy, savory taste with the creaminess of the cream cheese just makes your mouth explode with flavor.


    Available format:  2 L glass jars  x 6 per case


  • Cherry Peppers 2L

    Red mild cherry peppers imported from Greece.  A great tasting pepper ideal as appetizers and on party platters.


    Available format:  2 L glass jars  x 6 per case


  • Cherry Peppers stuffed with Green Olives 2L

    Cherry peppers stuffed with green olives from Greece!  The contrast of these two flavors is impeccable.  The savoriness of the green olives versus the sweetness of the cherry tomato offers such an exciting taste.


    Available format:  2 L glass jars x 6 per case

  • Cherry Peppers stuffed with Cream Cheese 2L

    Cherry peppers stuffed with cream cheese! Such a delicious little bite with an explosion of flavor on your palette!! Great for party platters, appetizers or even as a side dish to any meal.

    Available format: 2 L glass jars  x 6 per case

  • BUONO Sun Dried Tomatoes 3L

    BUONO Sun dried tomatoes in sunflower oil from Greece.  The rich and salty flavor of this sun dried tomato, adds a pronounced addition of flavor to many dishes. Combined with various herbs such as garlic, pepper and laurel it provides a really rich and aromatic flavor.   Its wonderful sweet and sour taste can be combined with various dishes.  Great with pasta or in sandwiches, may be processed to make spreads and/or dips.  The possibilities of what one can do with this product are endless.


    Available format: 3 L glass jar x 4 per case



  • BUONO Capers 2 kg

    BUONO Capers from Greece!  These little buds of flavor enhance any dish.  Their rich taste makes them the perfect ingredient for your recipes but they can also add finesse to your dish decoration. They make a unique cocktail garnish too.  They provide a floral, tangy, and salty flavor.  Great garnish for pickled octopus, in classic potato salad, as a topper to smoked salmon etc.


    Available format:  2 kg plastic pails x 4 per case

  • MEZE Provencal style olives 7 kg

    MEZE Provencal style olives, come directly from Morocco.  They are green olives ranging from light green color to darker hues.  They are marinated with herbs and brine.  Ready to serve.  A nice addition to your table.


    Available format: 7 kg plastic pails

  • MEZE Spicy olive mix 7 kg

    MEZE Spicy olive mix imported from Morocco  are green olives marinated in oil and rich in flavor.  For all the lovers of spicy olives these are ideal!


    Available format:  7 kg plastic pails.