Our Products

  • Caplansky’s Mild Mustard

  • Caplansky’s Ballpark Mustard

  • MAKVEL Elbow Macaroni

    MAKVEL elbow macaroni pasta is a pantry staple and a very versatile pasta.  It can be used to make the infamous Mac n’ Cheese, it can be used in casseroles, in soups, in pasta salads.  The possibilities are endless.


    Available format: 500 g x 12 per case


  • MAKVEL Conchiglie – Seashell Pasta

    MAKVEL Conchiglie, which is the Italian word for “conch” in English, is a type of pasta, often referred to as seashell pasta due to its shape.   In Greek, we share the same root of the word “κοχύλι” which means shell.   The greatness of  this pasta is that, the seashell shape of the pasta allows for the sauce to adhere to it.


    Available format: 500 g x 12 per case

  • MEZE All-Star Peppermix

    MEZE All-Star Peppermix, a Greek medley of flavors from the succulent combination of pepper flavors.  Made up of, sweet peppadoro peppers, mild/spicy green and red jalapenos all engulfed in a sweet brine.  It adds a contrast of flavor to any savory meal.  Great on pizza, in any pasta dish, as an appetizer to top any saltine cracker etc.


    Available format: 212 mL glass jar x 6 per case

  • MEZE Roasted Pepper Strips

    MEZE Roasted red peppers strips, are fire roasted and sliced to make them ready for usage.  They add a great punch to many meals.  Great paired with burgers, in panini sandwiches, as a topping for pizza etc.


    Available format:  370 mL glass jar x 6 per case


  • MEZE Mixed Hot Chillis

    MEZE Mixed hot chillis, are a mix of high quality chillis distinct in their spiciness.  Ideal as an accompaniment, toppings for salads, pizza or to eat right from the jar.


    Available format: 370 mL glass jar x 6 per case

  • MEZE Sliced Jalapeno Peppers

    MEZE Sliced Jalapeno peppers, provide the right amount of spiciness and heat, with a great crunch for the spicy food lovers.  Great in dips, guacamole, a topping to nachos etc.


    Available format: 370 mL glass jar x 6 per case

  • PHILIPPOS FLAVORS Halkidiki Olives

    PHILIPPOS FLAVORS Halkidiki olives, are green olives that have a firm meaty texture, full of flavor and somewhat peppery.  The Halkidiki olive is known for its’ large size and makes for a great addition to party platters as hors d’oeuvres.


    Available format: 1.5L plastic pail with handle x 6 per case



  • FARMA ELASSONAS Myzithra Cheese

    FARMA ELASSONAS  Myzithra cheese,  (pronounced Mi-dzee-thra), is a fresh cheese made with milk and whey from sheep or goats, or both.  It looks like a round ball, and in Greece it is often used to grate over pasta dishes.  It can also be eaten as is, and is often paired well with watermelon.


    Available format: approximately 750 g each x 12 per case


  • TERRA FEREA Premium Greek Oregano 5 LB

    TERRA FEREA Premium Greek oregano,  is rubbed and dried as a whole, including the good quality leaves, flowers and seeds of “Origanum vurgare ssp hirtum” directly imported from Greece.   The moment you open the bag you can smell the true aromatic nature of oregano.  Great in salads, to season meats, poultry and fish.  An ideal product to have for your kitchen.


    Available format: 5 LB bags x 4 per case


  • FARMA ELASSONAS Semi-Hard Cheese

    FARMA ELASSONAS Semi-hard cheese is made from 100% goat’s milk.  This semi-hard goat cheese is  tangier than fresh goat cheese.


    Available format: approximately 7 kg heads